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Nadcap approved CNC Spark Erosion Grinding

Dynamic offers Nadcap approved CNC Spark Erosion Grinding (SEG). This electronic discharging machining (EDM) technology provides us with one of the few approvals in the industry to machine finish honeycomb assemblies and segments. This EDM system arc-grinds finished sizes on honeycomb products using a rotating electrode to remove the stock to reach the specific diameters without actual contact to the honeycomb surface.

We can provide precision SEG services to our customers who require diameters finished to very extreme tolerances. Prototype and production services and repairs can be managed by the machining services at our Dayton, Ohio, Gem City Metal Technologies division. Our system is integrated into our largest VTL and provides us flexibility on diameters up to 44 inches. Tooling can be customer furnished or designed and built to support your specific requirements.

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